Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Evensong and Compline This Week.

Evensong according to the Customary of Our Lady of Walsingham
7pm, Friday 18th August, Church of St Mary, Bishophill Junior, York

Feria (Friday of Week 19 per annum)
Pss 93; 94
Readings:  Judg 14:20 - 15:20 Acts 21:37 - 22:16

Compline by Candlelight. Roman Rite, Extraordinary Form.
9pm. Same Day. Same venue!

Feria sexta infra Hebd X post Octavam Pentecostes II. Augusti    IV. Classis

Psalms of Friday
Office Hymn, Ferial tune
Salve Regina, simple tone.

All welcome!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Compline by Candlelight.

9pm Friday 11th August, St Mary’s Bishophill Junior, York

Feria sexta infra Hebd IX post Octavam Pentecostes I. Augusti    IV. Classis

After singing the Dominican Rite in honour of St Dominic last week, we revert to the Roman rite and singing the Office of the day which means:

Psalms of Friday
Office Hymn (Te Lucis) is the Ferial tune.
Salve Regina (simple tone)

Please be aware that the York Ordinariate Mission are now using the church earlier on Friday evenings. After two successful trials, Evensong goes public this week, and is therefore open to anyone who might wish to attend! This service commences at 7pm. It’s therefore quite possible that anyone attending may wish to stay on for Compline, so please take note. J There was some interest from people who attended the Medieval festival at the weekend, so we shall see what happens.

Of course, neither of these services are official Rudgate events. I mention them here, because I’m involved in both, Cantoring the first (indeed, I have oversight of all public Liturgy celebrated by the York Ordinariate at the moment) and Officiating the second!

Until next week’s instalment… J

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

This Weekend

Compline by Candlelight, 9pm, Friday 4th August.

St Mary’s, Bishophill Junior, York.

Feast of St Dominic, Class III

Normally, we would just sing the Roman Rite Office for a Friday as we have been doing the last few weeks, which have all been 3rd class. However, I can’t let the opportunity pass by of singing the Dominican Rite for this particular feast, especially as some of us will also be singing it the following evening for the Medieval Festival!

Consequently, I shall prepare an order of service which we’ll use instead of the Roman Rite books, which will hopefully be available as a pdf file before Friday, but hard copies will be available on the night of course!

It would probably be an advantage to arrive earlier to look at the music, in particular the differences between the Dominican chant we’ll be using and the Gregorian which we usually sing. J

For those of you who don’t sing with us, either on a regular basis, or indeed, at all, I’m going to crave your indulgence as I go into mini-rant mode directed towards some of our regular singers. (This blog is also circulated to a dedicated Facebook group for those who attend Compline, or are interested in what we are doing.)

Please be aware that you’re in church to take part in an actual SERVICE, and keep the idle chat down to the bare minimum, ideally waiting till afterwards before going into chat-mode as opposed to chant-mode! Some of us are trying to pray before the Office commences, and it is becoming very difficult to concentrate to concentrate on this due to the excessive amount of noise coming from the Vestry! Please show some consideration for your fellow singers, and appreciation of your surroundings, especially being aware that we have the enormous privilege of singing the Divine Office (mainly in the Latin Rite) in the oldest church in the City of York!

Here endeth the rant. J

Friday Compline is, of course, open to the public. This weekend, we also have the Medieval Festival with an open rehearsal at 2.30pm, followed by Roman Rite Vespers of the BVM at 4pm. As I mentioned earlier, we return to sing Dominican Rite Compline at 8pm.

All welcome if you’re in or near York this weekend. J

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Compline by Candlelight. Friday, 28th July

9pm, Church of St Mary, Bishophill Junior, York.

Ss. Nazarii et Celsi Martyrum, Victoris I Papæ et Martyris ac Innocentii I Papæ et Confessoris ~ III. classis

This is exactly the same as the previous Friday.

Psalms of the day.
Te Lucis - first tune
Salve Regina - simple tone

All welcome!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Compline by Candlelight. Friday 21st July

9pm, Church of St Mary, Bishophill Junior, York.

S. Laurentii a Brundusio Confessoris et Ecclesiæ Doctoris ~ III. classis
(St Lawrence of Brindisi)

This is exactly the same as the previous Friday.

Psalms of the day.
Te Lucis - first tune
Salve Regina - simple tone

All welcome!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Compline by Candlelight, Friday 14th July

9pm. St Mary's Church, Bishophill Jnr, York

S. Bonaventurae Episcopi Confessoris et Ecclesiae Doctoris ~ III. classis

This will be exactly the same as the previous week, with the Friday Psalms, 1st Te Lucis & Simple tone Salve Regina.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Compline by Candlelight. Friday 7th July

St Mary's Church Bishophill Junior, York. 9pm.

Ss. Cyrilli et Methodii Pont. et Conf. ~ III. classis

As last week, another 3rd Class Feast, so Compline will be exactly the same as the previous post.

However, as it's also the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, we're going to sing the Solemn Te Deum at the end of the Office!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Compline by Candlelight, Friday 30th June

9pm, St Mary's Church, Bishophill Junior, York.

In Commemoratione S. Pauli Apostoli ~ III. classis

Ordinary Office
Psalms of Friday.
Office Hymn Te Lucis, 1st tune
Marian Antiphon, Salve Regina (simple tone)

All Welcome!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Compline by Candlelight this weekend.

Compline returns this Friday following my visit to Rome last weekend & a spectacularly triumphant tour singing with the wonderful St Austin's Choir from Wakefield!

As Friday is the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we'll be singing Compline of Sunday, concluding with the Solemn Salve Regina - repeating exactly what we sang on the Vigil of Pentecost, so there's no need for me to add anything else here, just scroll to the previous post and all will be revealed!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Compline by Candlelight

Due to the church being used tomorrow evening, this will again be transferred to Saturday this week.

As this is the eve of Trinity Sunday, the important bits to remember are as follows:

Psalms of SUNDAY. Antiphon Miserere. Paschaltide will be over.

Office Hymn - second tune for First Class Feasts.

The responsory reverts back to use outside Paschaltide

Marian Antiphon is now the Salve Regina (Solemn tone)

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

2017 Dates

Since some of you have expressed an interest, I thought I'd bore you all with a list of what I'm provisionally up to for the remainder of the year (with or without the Rudgates in tow)

16th June, San Tommaso da Villanova, Castel Gandolfo. Recital

17th June. Santa Maria Maggiore. Mass

17th June. The Pantheon. Recital.

18th June. Basilica of St Paul outside the Walls. Mass

18th June. St Peter's, (also known as HQ!) Mass.

24th June. Leeds Cathedral. Wedding.

6th July. Markenfield Hall nr Ripon. Mass

8th July. Hallam (Sheffield) Cathedral. Solemn Mass - Ordinariate Divine Worship

5th August. St Mary's Bishophill Jnr, York.
Yorkshire Churches Medieval Festival. Vespers & Dominican Compline (by candlelight)

12th August. St Austin's Wakefield. Wedding.

15th August. St Wilfrid's, York. Mass

26th August. Leeds Cathedral. Ordination

27th August. St Mary's Bishophill Junior
Choral Vespers. 
1st ever performance of Michael Weeks' setting! 
I'll write more about this on my return from Rome.

9th September. Brinkburn Priory, Northumberland. Mass

10th September. St Mary's Chantry Chapel, Wakefield.
Heritage Weekend. Vespers & Compline

28th October. Ampleforth Abbey
Hierarchal (Pontifical) Greek-Catholic Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy.

4th November, St Charles Borromeo, Hull. Solemn Mass.
(A city of culture 2017 event)

8th December. St Mary's Chantry Chapel, Wakefield. Mass

22nd December, St Mary's Bishophill Jnr, York.
Our annual celebration of Carols by Candlelight

Of course, some things may change, and there may also be additions to this - possible services in Ripon Cathedral and another mini-European tour spring to mind, depending on dates and availability!

And let's not forget the weekly gathering of Rudgates and friends who meet to sing Compline by Candlelight at St Mary's. :-)

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Compline by Candlelight this week

As many regular readers/attendees will know by now, there is NO Compline tomorrow evening, as I, along with others, will be singing for a Solemn Mass in honour of the Blessed Sacrament in St. Austin's Church, Wakefield at 7.30pm. Anyone within easy reach of Wakefield is of course very welcome.

We shall instead sing Compline at St Mary's on Saturday at the same time of 9pm. Since this is the Vigil of Pentecost, the important bits to remember are listed below. :-)

Psalms of SUNDAY. Antiphon Alleluia.
Office Hymn: Pentecost Tune
Marian Antiphon, Regina Caeli *Solemn* Tone.

Two weeks today, I'll be rehearsing in Rome! :-)

Friday, 26 May 2017

Compline by Candlelight this evening

                                               S. Philippi Neri Confessoris ~ III. classis

A very happy Feast Day to all our Oratorian friends! Not a Solemnity for the rest of us though...

So, Psalms of Friday with Alleluia antiphon.
Office Hymn Te Lucis - Ascensiontide tune.
Marian Antiphon, simple tone Regina Caeli.

Advance notice: There will be NO Compline next Friday as some of us will be singing for a Solemn Mass at St. Austin's Church in Wakefield, to which of course, everybody is welcome. 

It's a Votive Mass in honour of the Blessed Sacrament and is due to start at 7.30pm.

Next week instead, we'll sing Compline on Saturday at the same time of 9pm.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Compline details for 19th May + other events

19th May, St Mary's Church, Bishophill Junior, York. 9pm. Compline by Candlelight.

Feast of  S. Petri Celestini Papae Confessoris ~ III. classis)

Ordinary Office.

Psalms of Friday. Antiphon Alleluia.
Office Hymn (Te Lucis, Eastertide tune)
Responsory, Verse & Nunc Dimittis (Eastertide)

Marian Antiphon Regina Caeli (simple tone) sung in the Lady Chapel.

This is the start of a busy weekend for me, as I've been roped into singing for the Sheffield Ordinariate's pilgrimage to York in honour of St. Alcuin on Saturday. This will be in the form of a Missa Cantata, in St. Wilfrid's Church at 10.30am using the Ordinariate Rite (Divine Worship), something I've done a few times now, but am still trying to get used to! Needless to say, everyone is welcome. After Mass, the pilgrims will be going to have a pub lunch and then a few hours free time in York, before concluding their pilgrimage in York Minster where they will be attending Evensong.

More details here from St Wilfrid's own site, including the photograph that I took a couple of years ago!

To conclude the weekend, some of the Rudgate Schola will then be travelling to Doncaster on Sunday to sing what could probably be the first full Gregorian Chant Mass to have been sung there for decades, if at all. I don't know anything about the history of Catholic Choral music  & chant in the area, so I may just be wrong, but I'd fancy my chances of winning if I were to bet on us being the first. :-) If anyone knows for sure, please do feel free to post a note in the comments section.

The Mass itself takes place at 3pm on Sunday in the church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Everyone is, of course, very welcome!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Compline by Candlelight this Friday 12th May

Venue, as always, the oldest church in York. St. Mary's Bishophill Junior, 9pm.

Feast of BB John Rochester, James Walworth & companions MM III Cl.
(local to the Dioceses of Leeds & Middlesbrough)

Ordinary Office.

Psalms of Friday. Antiphon Alleluia.
Office Hymn (Te Lucis, Eastertide tune)
Responsory, Verse & Nunc Dimittis (Eastertide)

Marian Antiphon Regina Caeli (simple tone) sung in the Lady Chapel.

There may be a slight delay this week, as some of us will have travelled across to Broughton Hall, near Skipton, to sing at the Requiem Mass of Henry Tempest, who died last Friday. We will be depending on light traffic in/around the Harrogate area on the way back to York!

Prayers for Henry and his family would be very much appreciated .